About us

Ebikereviews.com.au want to bring to light the wonderful world of ebiking.

Cycling takes you back to your childhood, where every ride was an adventure. Almost everyone rode a bike when they were younger, but most also stopped when they got older.

We are now living in cities that are becoming more and more overcrowded every day. Our transport systems are being pushed to capacity during peak hours, with the average speed on major roads just over 30km/h. We are also getting fatter!

An e-bike can:

  • Get you around without the stress of traffic
  • Encourage you to get out more with the ability to use an ebike as a normal bike with or without motor assistance
  • Encourage you to explore your surroundings more by travelling further then you would have with a normal bike.
  • Help in post surgery recovery or other ailments
  • Help you get to work without breaking a sweat
  • And the best thing about this is that we can save money doing it!

It’s a great solution for the community as a whole. We want to show people these benefits, help them make informed decisions with their purchases, and enrich their lives.

It’s nice to work on something that can make a difference in the world. We want to get more people on e-bikes, e-bikes they’ll be happy with in the long run. This will lead to less congested and less polluted cities, a fitter population, and a happier well being.

We decided to start an Australian e-bike review site because we couldn’t find any reviews on the e-bikes we wanted to purchase for ourselves! We also wanted to be part of something new and exciting and spend time doing what we love and what we’re passionate about. An e-bike review site is the culmination of all our passions:

  • E-bikes
  • Helping others
  • Problem solving
  • Web design/development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • The Outdoors
  • Tinkering with the latest gadgets and tech gear

This is what we love to do. And this is what we’re striving to be even better at. We believe creating and maintaining an honest, helpful and up-to-date e-bike review site will allow us to push ourselves to the limits of our abilities. And we believe our enthusiasm, work ethic, commitment and integrity will help us reach our goals!