2015 Sydney Spring Cycle

We absolutely love the Spring Cycle since our first ride in 2014. There’s nothing quite like riding a bicycle under the Harbour Bridge and along Cahill Expressway taking in the sights of the Opera House and Circular Quay.

The Spring Cycle is made up of three events and they all start in North Sydney. A short 12km ride to Pyrmont, a longer 50km ride to Homebush, and an even longer 105km ride up to the Western Sydney Parklands and finishing at Homebush. Of course we wouldn’t be EBR if we didn’t ride electric bikes, and this year, Mark was on the Gepida Asgard 1000 Touring Edition, and Leonardo on the eZee Cadence. Opting for the 50km ride to Homebush, we continue the ride home, which is another 60km from Homebush, totalling 110km. For those who may be reading this article thinking why ride the Spring Cycle on an electric bike, check out our 2014 write up. Although we may not burn as many calories as a normal cyclist would over 110km, it’s still a workout, plus a whole heap of fun! One year ago we couldn’t imagine riding 110km, but considering we now ride up to 500km a week on electric bikes shows the world these bikes open up another world if you give them the chance.

Now although we didn’t spot many electric bikes in 2014, it was a different story this year! It was great to see Sydney Cycleways come out and clearly support the use of electric bikes, something that wasn’t too clear in previous years. Bosch was a major sponsor and set up an electric bike ‘village’ and test track with plenty of different electric bikes equipped with the Bosch Mid-drive on offer for test rides. Corratec, Peugeot, Scott, Haibike, Gepida, and Sinus were some of the manufacturers on display.

Shimano STEPS, a system we’ve tested previously were also present with their own drive system and generic demo bike showcasing their own mid-drive system.

There’s no doubt people are becoming more aware of electric bikes as was seen at the 2015 Sydney eBike demo day and now the Spring Cycle. Here’s to an even bigger 2016!

Check out some of the photos below!

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2015 Sydney Spring Cycle

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