The world’s leading state-of-the-art bicycle factory opens in the Netherlands

On 6th September 2015, in front of a large crowd, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the new Innovation & Production Center of Royal Gazelle in Dieren. He symbolically started the production process by pressing a red button.

After the gala opening and the guided tour, the crowd watched with interest as the King tested out Gazelle’s concept E-bike of the Future on the company’s brand new outdoor test track. This e-bike of the future combines comfort and practicality with tasteful design by the famous Giugiaro Design company.

Gazelle is determined to become a major player in the international bicycle market. Our ultra modern Gazelle & Production Innovation Centre plays a key role.

The latest e-bike technology and innovative marketing, design and production methods are combined with attention to the environment and welfare of employees.

– Jaap Merkus, CEO Royal Dutch Gazelle.

Gazelle has been building bicycles at its Dieren factory for 123 years. In the course of those years, the plant was expanded little by little.

We have decided to renew the plant more radical this time. The characteristic monumental main building from 1912 has been restored to its former glory, the rest is a completely new production facility. We have built the most modern bicycle factory in the world. Although there are many components in the construction of a Gazelle, the basis of our production is based on ‘lean manufacturing’. Quality and efficient production will benefit enormously. The turnaround time is reduced by a factor of 200%, the target for the end of 2015 is 300%.

– Jaap Merkus

A prerequisite for impeccable quality is robust smart innovations and detail control in the production process. Modern bikes, especially e-bikes, are high-tech products with a complex construction process. The paint shop is a good example of commitment to quality. With an electric load of 80,000 volts, three layers of powder coating are applied to the frames. This highly energy-efficient method is solvent free, the paint is water-based and therefore environmentally friendly.

Gazelle is the e-bike market leader in the Netherlands. Our goal is to extend that role far beyond the country’s borders. We want to achieve innovations in lighter bikes, smart design and robust quality. The quality of a Gazelle is in many details such as the distinctive double curvature of the frame, integrated lighting and automatic chain tensioners. In addition, we develop e-bikes with brands such as Impulse, Panasonic and Bosch, the best partners in the field. Gazelle is also investing resources to the development of the ‘connected e-bike’. Our ambition is to become a world leader in premium e-bikes, and connected solutions such as integration of smart phones and smart watches will feature in future models.

– Jaap Merkus

To develop new styling and frame concepts for the global consumer, Dutch Gazelle designers in the ‘Innovation Centre’ will have at their disposal one of only two impressive 2.5m Full HD screens found in the Netherlands. 3D designs of bikes are shown in real size and can be assessed on the basis of lifelike colour calibrations. Newly developed parts or prototypes are then rapidly built with 3D printing.

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